So here’s a bit about myself, the work that I do and some of the passions that I have. I have been a social worker for about 10 years, however, I believe that I have been fighting for social justice since I was about 10 years old. My professional experience includes both community and clinical practice in the non-profit, provincial and federal government sectors. I have worked with a very diverse clientele from various social locations including youth, seniors, mandated and voluntary clients.

I enjoy having a balance of one-on-one counselling therapy, and also providing education via lecturing, presentations, facilitation, training and research.

The aim in all of my work is to provide a therapeutic approach with individuals, families and communities that encompasses a trauma-informed culturally sensitive lens.

Please refer to a brief layout of my professional and community  work including consulting projects on the Projects page.

I am the founder and host of The Rajean Willis Show, a YouTube talk show produced by BLXCKHOUSE Productions (currently re-creating). The show brings voice to “real life” topics, provides education and awareness, and holds space for controversial discussions. It also serves as a form of engagement where viewers are encouraged to dialogue around the topics covered on each show through an online discussion forum via social media. Stay tuned for the most recent talk show collaborations…

The Rajean Willis Show also features Review with Rajean – a content (books, articles, films and more) review club on FaceBook @ReviewWithRajean.